Wyb coupon lingo

Wyb coupon lingo

Below is a list of all the possible acronyms you will run across while couponing.Where you get your coupons will also affect the lingo that you.There are so many coupon abbreviations and slang words used in couponing.WYB-When You Buy-Used when you need to buy a certain number of items for a coupon or promo.

IVC - Instant value coupon WYB - When you buy WYS - When you spend.

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Coupon Lingo cheat sheet will help to educate you on all of the buzz words in couponing.

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Have you started visiting coupon blogs and find it difficult to decipher the coupon lingo.Coupon Lingo Definition Q Coupon BOGO or B1G1 Buy One Get One B2G1 Buy Two Get One OOP Out of Pocket WYB When You Buy CAT Catalina Coupon.Here’s a list of some common couponing words...Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Coupon Lingo: Couponing Abbreviations. but there are stores that still allow competitors coupons. WYB:.Cat- Catalina, a. a coupon that prints out at the register of many stores for specific items or a dollar amount off a future purchase. WYB- When.

Find coupon codes and apps, and learn how to save money and live rich.Do you have a coupon that is about to expire and want to find the best place to use it.

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Here is some basic coupon lingo that I use throughout the site:.

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You will need to check to see if the amount needs to be before the coupons or after. (For instance - on.Coupon Lingo can seem like a secret language between only those who are into extreme couponing.You can use a BOGO coupon with a store BOGO sale and get them both for FREE.If you are unfamiliar with couponing lingo, you have come to the right place.Coupon Lingo. Freebies. WYB-When you buy(sometimes coupons give you a deal on multiple items) OOP-Out of pocket(What you pay after coupons and discounts for your.

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To a new couponer, the jargon used on many coupon community websites and even in my Freebie File (bottom right) may seem like a foreign language.

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Are coupon shopping trip abbreviations and acronyms such as BOGO.

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Check out our NEW DEAL SEARCH Feature, that will search through all our match.Quick Reference Coupon Lingo and Abbreviation Guide Sunday Paper Inserts. there are stores that still allow competitors coupons. WYB:. When a coupon is more.

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WYB: when you buy BD: breakdown (Transactions broken down by prices, coupons used,.

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Pad of coupons attached to a display, shelf, or refrigerator door.

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