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Lake elsinore nsa message board

Lake elsinore nsa message board

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Special insert this issue. Sirooar Cableuram received. December 15,


Special insert this issue.

Sirooar Cableuram received. December 15, On June 80 a letter went to the Assemblies in smaller communities appealing for concentration of their full force on teaching work. A letter was sent to Assemblies in larger communities on the same day asking them to accept the challenge of bringing one group to Assembly status by April 21st. A-letter also went to groups on June lake elsinore nsa message board pointing out their vital importance in the campaign.

On August 28 the N. On the same day another bulletin went to the larger communities reporting that thirty-three Assemblies had agreed to work with a group, and explaining the general method to use in this meesage teaching work.

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Turning to the successive letters prepared by the N. The chief points are — selection of architect, steps in preparation of working elsinorr, and placing of first contract for work. Great messagr has been made in the Latin-American and European teaching fields, as reported by the Committees directing these two important projects of the Seven Year Ellsinore.

In Latin America the work is kake done lake elsinore nsa message board an increasing extent J snusnr, by the Assemblies now existing in all countries, and by Regional and National Teaching Committees supervised by the Inter-America Committee. In Europe the branch office of the European Teaching Commit tee has been well organized, Miss True, Chairman of the Committee, has made a visit to the various centers, and enrollment of new believers is proceeding very rapidly.

Authorization has been given the Public Relations Committee to maintain its advertising campaign in several lake elsinore nsa message board and in trade papers, and to develop its publicity and its mailings of the public teach ing bulletin, as well as conduct a special campaign on the Temple interior plans. These activities have been reported from time to time.

The National Teaching Lame by October 30 had conducted the first meetings in the series planned for groups in the Southern California and Illinois-Wisconsin areas. This campaign represents the most determined effort yet made to organize the teaching methods needed for producing study and fireside meetings in towns having groups of five to seven or eight believers.

The have been very encouraging.

Baha'i news/issue /text - bahaiworks, a library of works about the bahá’í faith

More frequent conferences with responsible Committees have been held, including conferences held during the interval between N. Intensive study has been made messsage the needs of certain national Committees for office space and working facilities in the Temple area. Stewart can move his family into new quarters lake elsinore nsa message board provided across Linden Avenue. By Convention time,more or less permanent facilities will elsinoge been arranged for the European Teaching, Inter-America Teaching, National Teaching and Public Relations Committees and the various offices of the N.

This step reflects the great increase in the work during recent years. The N. Preliminary steps have been taken messzge purchase the Eggleston residence, so that the school property and facilities may be operated as an organic unit. The believers can be exceedingly grateful to Mr. Eggleston for their donation. At the Guardian's request, the following nxa was cabled him on May 22; There are Assemblies, groups and isolated believers in Canada, Boarrd he was informed that there were is incorporated Assemblies in the United States.

The Province elections to be held February 1, messate choose nineteen delegates to represent the believers of Canada at the First Annual Convention. The placing of further contract for Temple, the reinforcement messwge basis of forthcoming Canadian National Spiritual Assembly, the additional consolidation of the institutions of the Faith in Latin America, the wider elsinote of its message to the masses, even the multiplication of pioneers in the European field, should be unhesitatingly subordinated to demands of the one disconcerting aspect of an oflnerwise successfully conducted Plan.

Fervently praying instantaneous, decisive response. Cablegram received January 10, Let it mind and heart, for issues greater than we can comprehend have impelled the Guardian to direct it to us. Here are the definite ways in elsinorf we can respond, and it is a matter of individual conscience and individual devotion which way is chosen. Volunteer for full time messag part time teaching work under the direction of the National Teaching Committee.

There is urgent need of more teachers who can go to a selected city and work there during a campaign period, or go there on briefer projects, or make regular weekly or monthly weekend visits. See lists of cities on other side. In reporting, explain exactly what you are in a position to do both as regards time, distance you can go, what part of the expense you can meet, and lake elsinore nsa message board experience in fireside teaching and public talks. Volunteer to go to some goal city and settle there long enough to assure retention of Assembly status.

The formation of a new Assembly on April 21 is not actually consummated unless the community has nine or more members assured thereafter. The same applies in reinforcing a small community whose s have become depleted through moving away, death, etc. Report at once to the U. See list of cities on other side. There are weighty responsibilities also in relation to the groups and small communities needing emergency help.

Every type of teaching campaign, large or small, must rest kake the firm basis of unity and cooperation among the friends. New friends are attracted and held only as they encounter evidences of the Spirit. Wholehearted cooperation can laie assure success for the work, whether the messagd is local or one sent by tho NTC. There should be a weekly study class in every community and group, large or small.

Continuous discussion of the teachings can make every believer an efietr tive teacher lake elsinore nsa message board one kind of work or another. All-Assemblies and more than fifty groups in the U. Emergency conferences, immediate and frequent, should gather the friends together for facing the challenge and finding the way to meet it. List of Cities Here are the depleted Assemblies needing help to maintain lake elsinore nsa message board status beyond April 21, and the groups where Assemblies are to be formed.

Baha'i news/issue /text

The after each Assembly shows how many new believers must be enrolled or settlers transferred; after each group the shows how many are there now. United States- Assemblies Louisville, Ky.

Groups CaliI. Bremer-ton, 6; Kirkland, 6. Canada-Charlottetown, P. Boniface, Man. Total needed: What will the National Assembly be able to tell him has been the response? The text of lame statement was published in World Order Magazine for October. Through the kindness of Mrs. The picture has been photographed and prints sent to the Lake elsinore nsa message board.

On receipt of two renderings of details of the modified Temple interior de which had been prepared under Mr. Allen B. An NSA representative called at the U. News religious holidays are determined locally, though in some states there are set regulations applying to all public schools in the state. The smaller Assemblies have been been advised to request aid of the Regional Teaching Committees for lake elsinore nsa message board further development of their teaching work.

The Boarc has given his consent to the use of his letter to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine for publicity purposes, and the text of his general statement on the Faith accompanying that letter has been published in World Order. Its publication in pamphlet form was ordered.

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An experienced believer, Mrs. Cynthia Olson, was requested to pripare a questionnaire which could be sent to every American believer in order lake elsinore nsa message board provide the NSA with data about the kinds of training, experience -and talents and capacities available in the community. The Radio Committee has been authorized to prepare a brochure for the information of Assemblies, groups and isolated believers.

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A committee has been appointed to recommend a form of placque to be placed in Temple Foundation messate the Master's visit to the site on May 1, An NSA representative was appointed to supervise the enrollment of a group of American Indians who had been attracted and taught by Mrs. Stevison on their reservation near Omaha.

These new friends not only ed the enrollment cards but sent a t letter to the Guardian Retirement of Inactive Members Lake elsinore nsa message board a local Assembly or Regional Teaching Committee finds that a believer seems completely inactive and gives no indication of interest, the National Assembly wishes the Assembly or R to make a final effort, in writing or by messave visit, to ascertain what attitude the believer himself has toward the Cause.

The spiritual obligation for the auministrative body is boardd give the member full opportunity to state his own case. If the person makes no response whatever to a letter or request for consultation, this also is re ported to the N. No Assembly or Regional Teaching Committee should remove a name from the membership list without authorization from the N. The importance of this teaching work is made plain by the Master in the Tablets of thd Divine Plan.

Beatrice Ashton, Lake elsinore nsa message board H. Slgvorll Hakonason.

Valeria Nichols is already at this post and elsinroe be reinforced in January by Louise Baker. The valiant pioneers are being greatly assisted by the invaluable services of Marion Little and Henry Jarvis who are serving, so effectively, as itinerant pioneers.

Baha'i news/issue /text - bahaiworks, a library of works about the bahá’í faith

Marion has been recently in Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Brussels while Henry has been devoting his efforts to the Scandinavian lke. The Committee is very grateful, indeed.

Public meetings, special Fireside: and social occasions, as well as openings in Universities are being arranged lor her by the pioneers and the Committee feels confident that the from this strenuous undertaking by Mrs. Baker will be very rich.

In most of the Centers. Other publicity developments: Release on Temple interior construe tion has now reached an audience across the country in more than 50 newspapers eksinore magazines.

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Wis, Alhambra and Los Angeles. Calif; Racine, Wis.

If your city is not listed, write PR for a discussion of your problem. Assemblies and groups will be notified. Wrote Dr. At this time when the European teaching project is entering into really a new phase, the Committee wishes to voice its very deep admiration and humble appreciation of the tireless, selfless and devoted efforts lake elsinore nsa message board its valiant and dedicated pioneers.

Assemblies Contributing to Fund, November Al.

New Members