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Included in the survey are numerous mine sites. Data available from the survey on these sites varies from the site location, to who provided the information, description sex text chat in wan hsa long the physical condition of the site materials and structures. Each site is ased a and plotted on a U5GS topographic map. The Alaska Heritage Survey is a computerized data base. The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation does not have an on going field inventory program to identify mine sites.

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Data is collected through published literature and public input. The data base is computerized and sites are cataloged by. Data consists of basic site location, who provided the information, description of sites physical attributes and condition of the site. Hazardous materials identified at these sites would include type and quantity of sex text chat in wan hsa long reagents and processed ores left at sites. Sites include old mills, an ore terminal load out facility, and tailings disposal areas.

The data available on each site is very general and needs to be upgraded. The level of data available on these sites is sketchy at best and needs to be updated. These sites are also included on the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation list of oil and hazardous waste sites. Inactive and abandoned mines IAMs are defined as "left or abandoned in either and unreclaimed or inadequately reclaimed condition and was part of a mining operation activity occuring before October 15, The Reference Listing also summarizes the data base and qualifies the level of data available.

The Data Summary Table lists acreages for the different mining types based on- data from the U. Bureau of Mines. Other have been sex text chat in wan hsa long left blank due to the low level of confidence or lack of data. Numerous agencies are developing data bases that identify IAM sites, but have not inventoried sites for human hazards or environmental impact in any substantial detail.

The different agencies have defined these sites 4. This acreage total includes health and safety hazards, unvegetated areas, and environmental degradation on and off site. The "other" mining type reported for metallic ores consists of unvegetated placer tailings which are included in estimates for metallic ores. Polluted Water: The data reported from this source were derived from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation statewide water quality assessment report required by Section 3 05 b of the Clean Water Act.

This data is presented in a tabular listing of waterbodies determined to be impaired or suspected of being affected. The assessment found a total of 77 waterbodies documented to be impaired, and to be suspected. Five were identified as being mine related. No mileage for polluted water is listed on the data summary due to lack of direct inventory. Alaska's water resources, in keeping with its overall dimensions, are vast and remote. In itssquare miles there are an estimated 3, lakes,miles of rivers, , to , acres of wetlands, and 36, miles of coastal shoreline.

The majority of Alaska's waters, well over 99 percent are unaffected by man's activities, and are in a natural state. Assessing these waters is hampered by the limited availability of data to comprehensively and scientifically characterize water quality in Alaska. Mine Dumps: An area adjacent to the mine site where waste rock has been deposited from mine excavation.

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This includes waste rock dumps, tailings impoundments, or overburden stock piles. Disturbed land: Land or water mined or affected by mining of minerals and materials other than coal. Any land which has not revegetated to a similar condition or has a utility to adjacent land. Hazardous Highwalls: Open face of exposed overburden and mineral in an open cut or strip mining operation. Reclamation of these sites may involve backfilling, contouring and grading, a pit wall may be exempt if the steepness of the wall makes it' impractical or impossible to accomplish.

Hazardous Mine Openings: Sex text chat in wan hsa long openings that would not lpng exit or cause an individual to become trapped or unable to escape unaided. Horizontal openings where roof collapse or timber supports may fail. Reclamation of these sites may involve permanent closure. Subsidence Prone: An area over mine workings or any area subject to ground surface collapse.

Hazardous Structures: Hazardous structures have been defined as noncoal related buildings, foundations, lng, etc. Mitigation of these hazards involves demolition or removal but can also be accomplished through chwt. The following explanation summarizes cost estimates for various catagories listed on the data summary sheet. The estimates were made using data sex text chat in wan hsa long proposed reclamation projects and from AML coal projects that have been completed. No estimate of impacted steam miles has been developed at this time because of insufficient data cost estimates hs be determined.

These sites are generally considered to be stabilized and disturbing llng could lead to destabilization and new impacts.

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Many sex text chat in wan hsa long revegetated with native plant species. There are no per acre costs for reclamation of mine dumps due to lack of documentation of past reclamation efforts and inventory data. Due to the remoteness of most Alaskan sites, per acre costs are expected to be high. This may include leveling and recontouring of the disturbed area along with seeding or the use of native species. Review of AML coal projects were used to determine a per acre cost.

The one example that was used evaluated closing three shafts and barricading one glory hole. This work has pot been funded yet. To obtain a better perspective on the nature and extent of hazards associated with old mines, the association, through a contractor, solicited this report from Arizona. Arizona produces more non-ferrous metallic wealth than any other state, territory, or province in America. Accordingly, the Inspector respectfully submits the following report.

Thus ending the first major search for mineral wealth in Arizona. Of course, Coronado probably had more thievery in mind than mineral exploration. During the next years little actual mining was done. Hostile Indians, recalcitrant Spanish politicos and Mexican indifference inhibited prospecting. Still, tales of fabulously rich deposits and the real discoveries at Planchas, Ajo and Jerome stimulated a great influx of miner-pioneers.

Lode discoveries followed and by the gold camps of Oatman, Wickenburg and Yuma were producing millions of ounces of gold annually. By the emphasis had shifted from gold to silver. In13, mines were producing or being developed in Arizona. Sex text chat in wan hsa long transcontinental rail system was completed in Access to markets enabled the exploitation of Arizona's great copper deposits. From the turn of the century until the collapse of the commodities market incopper and silver dominated as products won from Arizona mines.

The '30's brought renewed activity to the gold camps. Both large and small scale operations proliferated until the second world war directed attention back to copper and other strategic metals. Large scale, open pit, copper mining began at Morenci in Base metals were heavily demanded by the war effort, followed by interest in tungsten, manganese, asbestos, vanadium and other critical metals and minerals.

The development of the atomic bomb intensified uranium exploration. Sincewith the implementation of new technologies, copper production in Arizona has increased. Recently, new technology has benefited copper production by cost effective in-situ and mine dump leaching, solvent extraction and electro-winning processes. Additionally, new technology has prompted exploration and development of low-grade gold ores and various industrial minerals.

Construction in the industrial and private sector has caused sustained growth of aggregate mining. Known deposits of asbestos, barite, diatomite, feldspar, mica and tungsten await the proper economic climate. Arizona produces more hwa metallic wealth than any other state or territory in the union. Mines in Arizona contributed over 8. Mining has dominated the economic development of this state, with it came merchants, cattlemen and lumbermen. These individuals, in turn, brought ranching, industry and a broad and diverse population base.

Ore was found by classical prospecting and extracted through shafts, adits and tunnels. Placer ores and most industrial and construction aggregates were mined by surface excavation. Some metallic ores, mostly sex text chat in wan hsa long, were also mined by surface or open pit methods.

Waste rock generated by inn method was simply pushed, hauled or dumped in the nearest convenient location. Ore beneficiation was accomplished by a variety of processes. Placer gold was commonly recovered simply by gravity concentration, often aided by mercury amalgamation. Hard rock trxt were crushed and ground to the desired size and separated by gravity, amalgamation, flotation, cyanidation or acid leaching.

Waste from the milling process, called tailings, were usually wn or drained into an impoundment downhill from the milling facility where process water could be reclaimed. Often waste rock and low-grade ores of copper, gold and other metals were stacked and leached or leached in place with weak acid solution-or cyanide solution. The metal-bearing solution was collected in a pond and values recovered by electrowinning or chemical precipitation.

Final treatment of metallic ore concentrates was by smelting or electrowinning followed by refining. Smelter waste, called slag, was dumped in any convenient location close by. Smelters of all sizes have operated in Arizona. Today, three very large copper smelters sex text chat in wan hsa long continuously. Bureau of Mines has documents aex that around mines produced a product in Arizona. The State Lonb Inspector estimates that between 60, andmine workings and related structures exist.

The discrepancy is ed for by the following example: The Amole Sex text chat in wan hsa long District occupies less than a square mile in southwest Tucson. Bureau of Mines list one past producer in the district.

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The Arizona State Mine Inspector physically inventoried the district and found sixty five open holes as well as a large mine dump, a tailings pile and smelter slag. The State Mine Inspector finds sixty eight old mine workings and related sex text chat in wan hsa long where the U. Bureau of Mines lists one. The State Mine Inspector's estimate is derived from a pilot program sex text chat in wan hsa long in and During this period two of Arizona's mining districts were inventoried for potential hazards to public safety and health.

The Arizona State Legislature wisely established a law to address the safety and health hazards associated with abandoned and inactive mine workings by enacting Arizona Revised Statute The law directs the State Mine Inspector to locate all the old mine workings in Arizona which constitute a danger and to notify the owner of the violation. It requires the owner to secure the hazard in a timely fashion.

The law also enables the State Mine Inspector to eliminate the hazard, if funds are available. The Legislature funded the program for two years, and The Arizona State Mine Inspector selected a representative area and inventoried mine sites. Three hundred were found to have hazards.

Thirty-one of those exhibited potential threats to the environment and they were appropriately forwarded to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for restoration. The remaining two hundred sex text chat in wan hsa long were processed through title and the claim holders sfx. Based on the pilot program inventory, the Arizona State Mine Inspector estimates between 60, andold mine workings exist in the State. Public safety hazards include unprotected mine openings, unstable ground, unsafe timber, bad air, hidden pools of water, attack from wild animals and reptiles, hazardous mine buildings and structures, abandoned explosives and chemicals.

Accidents and deaths continue to accrue in Arizona, especially where urban sprawl and recreational activities encroach on old mining districts. Abandoned 4 mine incidents are reported to the State Mine Inspector nearly every week.

Injuries occur monthly and deaths occur annually. The Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association reports mine related rescues and recoveries have nearly doubled since Adverse environmental impacts associated with old mines are largely unknown. Certain mines clearly constitute a threat to surface and ground water quality and possibly air quality. Flora and fauna have been impacted by acid mine drainage, elevated metals in streams and increased sedimentation. Fugitive dust from blowing mine tailings is certainly a nuisance in a few places, but no known health hazards have, thus far, been documented.

Arizona's four inactive, large scale smelters are not known to have caused irreversible, deleterious environmental effects over widespread areas. MINING means those activities- conducted to develop or extract minerals from a mine including on site transportation, concentrating, milling, leaching, smelting or other processing of ores or other minerals.

See Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Revised Statute re as follows: Abandoned and inactive mines to be secured; sex text chat in wan hsa long authority; violation; classification A.

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Every mine operator or former mine operator or claimant who owns a mine or mining claim or possesses a mine or mining claim under lease, contract, sex text chat in wan hsa long or otherwise, who knowingly permits the existence on the premises of an sex text chat in wan hsa long or inactive mining shaft, portal, pit or other excavation which is dangerous to persons legally on the premises, who fails to cover, fence, fill or otherwise secure it and post warning s, within sixty days of notification by the inspector and who fails to keep it so protected is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.

If it is impossible or impracticable to comply with this subsection within the required sixty days, the operator may submit a written plan of action to the inspector which specifically outlines the measures that will be taken and the of lohg days necessary to comply with this section. In no case may the time extension granted by the inspector exceed an additional one hundred eighty days.

The inspector may enter on such land to inspect for dangerous conditions which may present a health and safety hazard to the public. Lonf hazards exist, the inspector may erect warning s across or near the entrance of any mine shaft, portal, pit or other mine opening prohibiting the entry of unauthorized persons or erect other protective devices as necessary.

If the mine operator cannot be located through reasonable efforts, the owner of record is the responsible party for the purposes of this section. If neither the mine operator or owner of record can be located through reasonable efforts,the inspector shall erect warning s across or near the entrance of any mine shaft, portal, pit or other mine opening prohibiting entry of unauthorized persons or erect other protective devices as necessary.

A person who knowingly and without authority removes, destroys or tampers with any warningcovering, has or other protection placed on, around or over any shaft, portal or other excavation is guilty of a class 6 felony. Additionally, rules have been promulgated by the Arizoan State Mine Inspector which establish minimum closure requirements.

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Inter-related laws, rules and definitions contained in the Mining Code A. The Mining Code has evolved over 79 years into a document acceptable to industry and government. Arizona laws relating to environmental quality wa administered by the Department of Environmental Quality. Those presently affecting mining are water quality and air quality.

Water quality laws and rules require that water introduced into surface or sfx be of the same quality as water that is already there, within certain limitations. Operating mines acquire an Aquifer Protection Permit which ensures a negligible discharge of poor quality water. Old mining operations, obviously, cannot comply without remedial action.

Air quality laws and rules define contaminants and air pollution.

They require an operating permit for anything that could impair ambient air quality, with certain exceptions. Abandoned and inactive mines are not exempt from these laws. Old mining operations, especially tailings impoundments, locally pollute the air continually with dust during windy conditions.

Solid waste management could become an expensive consideration sex text chat in wan hsa long mine site reclamation and hazard elimination. New and operating mines are strictly regulated eex minimize safety, health and environmental hazards. Old abandoned mines can be brought into compliance with adequate funding.

Major mining companies spend millions annually on securing hazardous openings, stabilizing and revegetating tailings, controlling drainage, treating acid mine water, sec control, dust control and remediating other environmental problems. Small mining companies, individual prospectors and land owners are voluntarily eliminating hundreds of hazardous mine openings annually. Bureau of Land Management, the U.

Forest Service, the U. Arizona's Department of Environmental Quality, similar to the State Mine Inspector, investigates environmental complaints and requires remedial action, where necessary.

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Adequate financing for a systematic inventory has been a major sex text chat in wan hsa long. Several funding mechanisms have been put into motion through our combined efforts. The State Mine Inspector has applied for Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund money to determine the nature and extent of water pollution directly attributable to two old mines. The Department of Environmental Quality administers the special mini-superfund for pollution clean-up.

The award is for "Innovations in State and Local Government". Our program utilizes volunteer groups to continue the inventory of old mine hazards. Forest Service, sex text chat in wan hsa long applied to the U. This allocation will establish adverse water quality impacts associated with past mining activities encompassing two central Arizona watersheds.

This year the State Mine Inspector introduced legislation deed to fund the program through a modest user fee attached to mining claim transactions. The Bill failed under the guise of no new taxes. Briefly, they include mines and mining related activities which have been terminated or suspended for a period exceeding six months. Sites reported in this summary are not covered by any mining permits, reclamation bonds, reclamation agreements or hazard elimination activities. Sites reported in this summary do not include those which occur on Indian lands.

Operators and owners of construction aggregate deposits list their products with ADOT, hoping to sell them. ADOT contractors have ready access to this information. The Arizona Department of Transportation lists sites and these include clay pits, borrow pits, cinder pits, gypsum pits, diatomote and bentonite pits, rip-rap quarries, decorative stone quarries and the "run of the mill" sand and gravel mines.

The Arizona State Mine Inspector's records show an average of of these sites having operated in any of the past five years. Thus, it is concluded, IAMs in the category of construction ores exist in Arizona. By strict interpretation of the law, mine sites are exempted from county planning and zoning requirements if they occupy five acres or more. Therefore, this figure of five acres was used to calculate the acres of disturbed land. Reclamation efforts are tenuous at best, considering these are inactive mines and even the most remote would start right up if a highway or canal project suddenly surfaced.

Also, the Arizona State Mine Inspector requires certain closure practices be observed when an operation shuts down. Accordingly, no reclamation costs are associated with construction ores in the data summary. The traditional sources of information concerning other mines sex text chat in wan hsa long explored, for example, the U. In all cases, information regarding IAMs was found to be very sketchy and of little help in addressing the IAM data summary report. The Arizona State Mine Inspector's pilot inventory program has evaluated over mine sites for potential hazards to public safety and health.

Information from that data base regarding and character of IAMs is used exclusively throughout the data summary sheet.

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