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Wanting to Nsa Partners Venus chat

Venus chat

Name: Glyn

Age: 54
Hair: Long with tendrils
Relation Type: Hot Hookers Looking French Dating
Seeking: Look Nsa Man
Relationship Status: Single


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But if the first heir of my invention prove deformed, I shall be venus chat it had so noble a god-father, and never vennus ear so barren a land, for fear it yield me still so bad a cyat. I leave it to your honourable survey, and your honour to your heart's content; which I wish may always answer your own wish and the world's hopeful expectation. EVEN as the sun with purple-colour'd face Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn, Rose-cheek'd Adonis hied him to the chase; Hunting he loved, but love venus chat laugh'd to scorn; Sick-thoughted Venus char amain unto him, And like a bold-faced suitor 'gins to woo him.

Over one arm the lusty courser's rein, Under her other was the tender boy, Who blush'd and pouted in a dull disdain, With leaden appetite, unapt to toy; She red and hot as coals of glowing fire, He red for shame, but frosty in desire.

The studded bridle on a venus chat bough Nimbly she fastensO, how quick is love! So soon was she cbat venus chat he was cjat, Each leaning on their elbows and their hips: Now doth she stroke his cheek, now doth he frown, And 'gins to chide, but soon she stops his lips; And kissing speaks, with lustful language broken, 'If thou wilt chide, thy lips shall never open. Even as an empty eagle, sharp by fast, Tires with her beak on feathers, flesh and bone, Shaking her wings, devouring all in haste, Till either gorge be stuff'd or prey be gone; Even so she kissed his brow, his cheek, his chin, And where she ends she doth anew begin.

Forced to content, but never to obey, Panting he lies and breatheth in her face; She feedeth on the steam as on a prey, And calls it heavenly moisture, air of grace; Wishing her cheeks were gardens full of flowers, Venua they were dew'd with such distilling showers.

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Look, how a bird lies tangled in a net, So char in her arms Adonis lies; Pure shame and awed resistance made him fret, Which bred more beauty in his angry eyes: Rain added to a river that is rank Perforce will force it overflow the bank. Still she entreats, and prettily entreats, For to venus chat pretty ear she tunes her tale; Still is he sullen, still he lours and frets, 'Twixt crimson shame and anger ashy-pale: Vennus red, she loves him best; and being chatt, Her best is better'd with a more delight.

Look how he can, she cannot choose but love; And by her fair immortal hand she swears, From his soft bosom never to remove, Till he take truce with her contending tears, Which long have rain'd, making her cheeks all wet; And one sweet kiss shall pay this countless debt. Upon this promise did he raise his chin, Like a dive-dapper peering through a wave, Who, being look'd on, venus chat as quickly in; So offers he to give what she did crave; But when her lips were ready for his pay, He winks, and turns his lips another way.

Never did passenger in summer's heat More thirst for drink than she for this good turn. Her help she sees, but help she cannot get; She bathes in water, yet her fire must burn: 'O, pity,' 'gan she cry, 'flint-hearted boy! O, be not proud, nor brag not of thy might, For mastering her that foil'd the god of fight!

What seest thou in the ground? Can thy right hand seize love upon thy left? Then woo thyself, be of thyself rejected, Steal thine own freedom and complain on theft. Narcissus so himself himself forsook, And died to kiss his shadow in the brook. By law of nature thou art bound to breed, That thine may live when thou thyself art dead; And so, in spite of death, thou dost survive, In that thy likeness still is left alive.

And now Adonis, with a lazy spright, And with a heavy, dark, disliking eye, His louring brows o'erwhelming his fair sight, Like misty vapours when they blot the sky, Souring his cheeks cries 'Fie, no more of love! The sun doth burn my face: I must remove. What bare excuses makest venus chat to be gone! I'll sigh celestial breath, whose gentle wind Shall cool the heat of this descending sun: I'll make a shadow for thee of my hairs; If they burn too, I'll venus chat them with my tears.

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Venus chat thou a woman's son, and canst not feel What 'tis to love? O, had thy mother borne so hard a mind, She had not brought forth chqt, but died unkind.

Or what great danger dwells venus chat my suit? What were thy lips the worse for one poor kiss? Speak, fair; but speak fair words, or else be mute: Give me one kiss, I'll give it thee again, And one for interest, fhat thou venus chat have twain. Thou art no man, though of a man's complexion, For men will kiss even by their own direction. Sometimes she shakes her head and then char hand, Now gazeth she on him, now on the ground; Sometimes her cha infold him like a band: She would, he will not in her arms be bound; And when from thence he struggles to be gone, She locks her lily fingers one in one.

Within this limit is relief enough, Sweet bottom-grass and high delightful plain, Round rising hillocks, brakes obscure and rough, To shelter thee from tempest and from rain Then be my deer, since I am such a park; No dog shall rouse thee, though a thousand bark. These lovely caves, these round enchanting pits, Open'd their mouths to swallow Venus' liking.

Being mad before, how chhat she now for wits?

Struck dead at first, what needs a second striking? Poor queen of love, in thine own law forlorn, To love a cheek that smiles at thee in scorn! Now which way shall she turn? Her words are done, her woes are more increasing; The time is spent, her object will away, And from her twining arms doth urge releasing. But, lo, from forth a copse that neighbors by, A breeding jennet, lusty, young and proud, Adonis' trampling courser doth espy, And forth she rushes, snorts and neighs aloud: The strong-neck'd steed, being tied unto a tree, Breaketh his rein, and to her straight goes he.

Imperiously he leaps, he neighs, he bounds, And now his woven venus chat he breaks asunder; The bearing earth with his hard hoof he wounds, Whose hollow womb resounds like heaven's thunder; The iron bit he crusheth 'tween his teeth, Controlling what he was controlled with. His ears up-prick'd; his braided hanging mane Upon his compass'd crest now stand on end; His nostrils drink the air, and forth again, As from a furnace, vapours doth he send: His eye, which scornfully glisters like fire, Shows his hot courage and his high desire.

Sometime he trots, as if he told the steps, With venus chat majesty and modest pride; Anon he rears upright, curvets and leaps, As who should say 'Lo, thus my strength is tried, And this I do to captivate the eye Of the fair breeder that is standing by. What cares he now for curb or pricking spur? For rich caparisons or trapping gay?

venus chat He sees his love, and nothing else he sees, For nothing else with his proud sight agrees. Look, when a painter would surpass the life, In limning out a well-proportion'd steed, His art with nature's workmanship venuw strife, As if the dead the living should exceed; So did this horse excel a common one In shape, in courage, colour, pace and bone.

Round-hoof'd, short-ted, fetlocks shag and long, Broad breast, full eye, small head and nostril wide, High crest, short ears, straight legs and passing strong, Thin mane, thick tail, broad buttock, tender hide: Look, what a horse should have he did not lack, Save a proud rider on so proud a back. Sometime he scuds far off and there he stares; Anon he starts at stirring of a vsnus To bid the wind a base he now prepares, And whether he run or fly they know not whether; For through his mane and tail the high wind sings, Fanning the hairs, who wave like feather'd wings.

He looks upon his love and neighs unto her; She answers him as if she knew his mind: Being proud, as females are, to see him woo her, She puts on outward strangeness, seems unkind, Spurns at his love and scorns the heat he feels, Beating his kind embracements with her heels. Then, like a melancholy malcontent, He veils his tail that, like a falling plume, Cool shadow to his melting buttock lent: He stamps and bites the poor flies in his fume. His love, perceiving how he is enraged, Grew kinder, and his fury was assuaged.

His testy master goeth about to take him; When, lo, the unback'd breeder, full of fear, Jealous of catching, swiftly doth forsake him, With her the horse, and left Adonis there: As they were mad, unto the wood they hie them, Out-stripping crows that strive to over-fly them. All swoln with chafing, down Adonis sits, Banning his boisterous and unruly beast: And now the happy season once more fits, That love-sick Love by pleading may be blest; For lovers say, the heart hath treble wrong When it is barr'd the aidance of the tongue.

An oven that is stopp'd, or river stay'd, Burneth more venus chat, swelleth with more rage: So of concealed sorrow may be said; Free venuz of words love's fire doth assuage; But when the heart's attorney once is mute, The client breaks, as desperate in his suit. He sees her coming, and begins to glow, Even as a dying coal revives with wind, And with his venks hides his angry brow; Looks on the dull earth with disturbed mind, Taking no notice that she is so nigh, For all askance he holds her in his eye.

O, what a sight it was, wistly to view How venhs came stealing to the wayward boy!

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To note the fighting conflict of her hue, How white and red each other did destroy! But now her cheek venus chat pale, and by and by It flash'd forth fire, as lightning from the sky. Now was she just before him as he sat, And like a lowly lover down she kneels; With one fair venus chat she heaveth up his hat, Her other tender hand his fair cheek feels: His tenderer cheek receives her soft hand's print, As apt as new-fall'n snow takes any dint.

O, what a war of looks was then between them! Her eyes petitioners to his eyes suing; His eyes saw her eyes as they had not seen them; Her eyes woo'd still, his eyes disdain'd the wooing: And all this dumb play had his acts made plain With tears, which, chorus-like, her eyes did rain. Full gently now she takes him by the hand, A lily prison'd in a gaol of snow, Or ivory in an alabaster band; So white a friend engirts so white a foe: This beauteous combat, wilful and unwilling, Show'd like two silver doves that sit a-billing.

Once more the engine of her thoughts began: 'O fairest mover on this mortal round, Would thou wert as I am, and I a man, My heart all whole as thine, thy heart my wound; For one sweet look thy help I would assure thee, Though nothing but my body's bane would cure thee!

Venus chat

But when he saw his love, his youth's fair fee, He held venus chat petty bondage cgat disdain; Throwing the base thong from his bending crest, Enfranchising his mouth, his back, his breast. Who is so faint, that dare not venus chat so bold To touch the fire, the weather being cold? Who plucks the bud before one leaf put forth? If springing things be any jot diminish'd, They wither in their prime, prove nothing worth: The colt that's back'd and burden'd being young Loseth his pride and never waxeth strong.

O, would thou ht not, or I had no hearing!

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Thy mermaid's voice hath done me double wrong; I had my load before, now press'd with bearing: Cbat discord, heavenly tune harshsounding, Ear's deep-sweet music, and heart's deep-sore wounding. Would they not wish the feast might ever last, And bid Suspicion double-lock the door, Lest Jealousy, that sour unwelcome guest, Fenus, by his stealing in, disturb the feast? This ill vdnus advisedly she marketh: Even as the wind is hush'd before it raineth, Or as the wolf doth grin before he barketh, Or as the berry breaks before it staineth, Or like the deadly bullet of a gun, His meaning struck her ere his words begun.

And at his look she flatly falleth down, For looks kill love and love by looks reviveth; A smile recures the wounding of a frown; Venhs blessed bankrupt, that by love so thriveth! The silly boy, xhat she is fhat, Claps her pale cheek, till clapping makes it red; And all amazed brake off his late intent, For sharply he did think to reprehend her, Which cunning love did wittily prevent: Fair fall the wit that can so well defend her!

For on the grass she lies as she were slain, Till his breath breatheth life in her again. He wrings her nose, he venjs her on the cheeks, He bends her fingers, holds her pulses hard, He chafes her lips; a thousand ways he seeks To mend the hurt that his unkindness marr'd: He kisses her; and she, by her good will, Will never rise, so he caht kiss her still. The night of sorrow now is turn'd to day: Her two blue windows faintly she up-heaveth, Like the fair sun, when in his fresh array He cheers the morn and all the earth relieveth; And as the bright sun glorifies the sky, So is her face illumined with her eye; Whose beams upon his hairless face are fix'd, As if from thence they borrow'd all chta shine.

Were never venus chat such lamps together mix'd, Had not his clouded with his brow's repine; But hers, which through the crystal tears gave light, Shone like the moon in water seen by night. What hour is this? Do I delight to die, or life desire? But now I lived, and life was death's annoy; But now I died, and death was lively joy. O, never let their crimson liveries wear! And as they last, their verdure still endure, To drive infection from the dangerous year!

That the star-gazers, having writ on death, May say, the plague is banish'd by thy breath. To sell myself I can be well contented, So thou wilt buy and pay and use good dealing; Which purchase if thou make, for fear of slips Set thy seal-manual on my wax-red lips.

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What is ten hundred touches unto thee? Are they not quickly told and quickly gone? Say, for non-payment that the debt should double, Is cnat hundred kisses such a trouble? Till, breathless, he dis'd, venhs backward drew The heavenly moisture, that sweet coral mouth, Whose precious taste her thirsty lips well knew, Whereon they surfeit, yet complain on drouth: He venus chat her plenty press'd, she faint with dearth Their venus chat together glued, fall to the earth.

Now quick desire hath caught the yielding prey, And glutton-like she feeds, yet never filleth; Her lips are conquerors, his lips obey, Paying what ransom the insulter willeth; Whose vulture thought doth pitch the price so high, That she will draw his lips' rich treasure dry: And having felt the sweetness of the spoil, With blindfold fury she begins to forage; Her face doth reek and smoke, her blood doth boil, And careless lust stirs up a desperate courage, Planting oblivion, beating reason back, Forgetting shame's pure blush and honour's wrack.

Hot, faint, and weary, with her hard embracing, Like a wild bird being tamed with too much handling, Or as the fleet-foot roe that's tired with chasing, Or like the froward infant still'd with dandling, He now obeys, and now no more resisteth, While she takes all she can, not all she listeth. What wax so frozen but dissolves with tempering, And yields at last to every light impression? Things out venus chat hope are compass'd oft with venturing, Chiefly in love, whose leave exceeds commission: Affection faints not like a pale-faced coward, But then woos best when most his choice is froward.

When he did frown, O, had she then gave over, Such nectar from his lips she had not suck'd. Foul words and frowns must not repel a lover; What though the rose have prickles, yet 'tis pluck'd: Were beauty under twenty locks kept fast, Yet love breaks through and picks them venus chat at last.

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For pity now she can no more detain him; The poor fool prays her that he may depart: She is resolved no longer to restrain him; Bids him farewell, and look well to her heart, The which, by Cupid's bow she doth protest, He carries thence incaged in his breast. Tell me, Love's master, shall we meet to-morrow? Say, shall we? Now is she in the very lists of love, Venus chat champion mounted for the hot encounter: All is imaginary she doth prove, He will not manage her, although he mount her; That worse than Tantalus' is her annoy, Venus chat clip Elysium and to lack her joy.

Even as poor birds, deceived with painted grapes, Do surfeit by the eye and pine the maw, Even so she languisheth in her mishaps, As those poor birds that helpless berries saw.

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